Sailing Around The World

Day 3 Voyage To Annapolis

Not to much to chat about other then the weather being very nice and good wind. Seems though that a gale is forming below our position and above our position. Looks like depending on our speed we may have to button up the hatch’s one last time before I am through making this final passage with my dad. I told my dad 25kts of wind is good sailing weather, 35kts is great fun but uncomfortable, 45kts is shity weather, 55kts is the point were you ask why you sail, 65kts and up you just kiss your ass good by. Just have a blast sailing in it and don’t worry about the out come.

Well here’s to another day at sea Cheers!


Current Postion: 23:15UTC 24* 01.05’N, 69* 21.04’W, SOG 6kts, COG352*M, Swell 1-2 meters, WS 18kts

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