Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Passage to Annapolis MD

In the early morning we experienced a large thunderstorm with lots of lightening. Proceed with squalls and heavy rain that has been following our slow move toward our destination. Currently the wind has slowed down to only 12kts and swell is a meter or less. That would be great but the only problem is that the wind and swell is in the wrong direction! We are currently motoring into the wind and waves make a very slow speed of 4.5kts, o well at least we will have warm water. I hope that tomorrow morning the low pressure system to the north of our position will have moved enough east to change the wind and let us sail. I would love to be on shore in a week or less but who knows at this rate.



Current Position: 21:08UTC 25* 42.2’N, 70* 11.2’W, WS 12kts@330*, Swell -1m, overcast and thunder! SOG 5kts, COG 352*M

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