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Final Passsage Break Down

imageOur total distance traveled from Cape Town South Africa was 6012 nautical miles. We used 15 gallons of fuel which works out to be 400 miles/gallon. We sailed for a total of 921 hours sleeping for 4 hours and then awake for 4 hours. That’s a average boat speed of 6.5 knots per hour. We saw 6 ships during our Atlantic crossing other then that it was all ocean. We broke one halyard, chafed through 9 sheets, blew out five panels in our spinnaker, ripped the drifted head sail, bent two snap shackles, lost two foil screws, fridge thermometer shorted out, spinnaker pole cats paw ripped out, leaked entire bottle of propane, throttle cable control broke, and beat the hell out of our bodies. All items above were repaired under sail and are functioning still. Cary and I both lost 20 pounds each and feel get. We ate almost everything aboard and landed in the BVI with just pasta and nasty can food. Our average wind speed was 22.3 knots, wave height 2 meters, and the biggest wave we saw was the two that broke over the top of the dodger. Our dodger is 10 feet from the water. Had dozens of waves wash over the entire for deck. All in all it was a great time.