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Made to Huahine Island Via Night Passage

We left Thursday night and sailed 120 nautical miles to Huahine Island which is west of Tahiti. The sail was very exciting for Adam and I which made me feel more comfortable with Dragonsbane in rough seas. When we left Tahiti the wind was only around 10 knots and we did not sail very fast. But as soon as we sailed out from the shadow of Tahiti Island we were hit with prevailing winds of 25 knots and gusting up to 35 knots. The waves were from 2 to 5 meters and were breaking waves which only filled the cockpit once really good. The sail was uncomfortable because the wind was right at our back which made Dragonsbane pitch pole from rail to rail as we sailed. But we sailed  at a average speed of 7.5 knots and hit 9.5 a few times as I surfed down the waves. We arrived at Huahine at 9 in the morning and spent the rest of the day making sure our anchor was hooked well in the very hard coral bottom. The second anchoring issue we had was the wind would come over the Island at gust up to 30 to 35 knots and the current in the channel we anchored in would turn us all over the place. SO as the anchor chain got lots of slack in it from the current pushing us past our anchor the wind gust would blow Dragonsbane backwards really hard and shock load our anchor pulling it out of the rock hard bottom. So I dived down in the 15 feet of water added a trailer anchor to our 125 feet of chain and rammed it into a coral head. I am glad to say we have not moved. I know this because 100 feet behind Dragonesbane is a coral reef that is only 2 feet deep.

Today we are planning on heading to Raiatea Island which is about 20 nautical miles away and hopefully offers a better anchorage. I wold really like to get a better nights sleep then worry about our anchor slipping. I also hope to have a better internet connection so we can post some pictures.




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