Sailing Around The World

Sailed to Raiatea Island

We sailed 21 nautical miles from Huahin Island to Raiatea Island and anchored in a small bay with a mud bottom and no wind. I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. It was a fun start this morning because the bad anchorage that we were at in Huahine had coral heads on the bottom and our anchor chain wrapped 3times around one. So Adam had to put his dive gear on and dig the chain out from the coral head but ran out of air and could not get the chain off. So I jumped in with my mask and fins and dived down the 15 feet and yanked hard on the chain and freed it up. Then I noticed that the chain was underneath the big coral head which was about the size of a gas grill. When the boat tug on the chain from the wind and current I noticed it rocked. I took a deep breath, dived down and grabbed the edge of the coral head and lifted it up as high as I could and then yanked the chain out. It worked and we cranked the chain, anchor in and head to Raiatea. I only had a few cuts from the coral and a few dizzy spells from holding my breath to long but I am all good now with Rum in Hand.

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