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40 Plus knot Winds

We are now anchored off the sister Island of Raiatea called Tahaa. Once again we are in a very deep anchorage but we have a good mud bottom and we seem to be holding well. But the anchorage is very narrow and we are surrounded by coral reefs on all side of us. We are also getting 40 plus knot gust blowing through the mountains which really makes Dragonsbane wipe on her anchor. I just had a gust over 50 knots and our wind generator produced 38 amps of power and the rail went into the water. This shit is crazy, lol!

Sometime last night our dinghy flipped over with our outboard motor on it. I flipped it back over, took the outboard off and washed it down with lots of fresh water. Then pulled the plugs and fuel filter and blow the water out. I put it all back together and it fired up after a few pulls. I ran it around our little anchorage and then took the outboard off the dinghy again and let it dry out in the sun really well. Other then losing a paddle it seems to be ok. I just wished this wind would stop, sure would love a good night rest with no wind, lol.

O yes, I almost forgot that yesterday we took our dinghy up a small creek about mile off the bay of Hotopuu, Raiatea Island and enjoyed some local gardens. We also had little kids throwing fruit at us so we throw it back. I don’t think they were expecting that. Then we hiked to a few old ruin sites and took some pictures. Then headed back to our boat but was stopped by a local man who gave us bananas and showed us his home and garden near the river. He also gave us some of the sweeties coconuts I have ever tasted.



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  1. Ann

    I’m just catching up on your blog after coming back from vacation. Loved the coral story. Wish there were pictures to see how big they were and the problem you had to face. As for staying in Australia and New Zealand – both are absolutely amazing with such kind people. If I plan a trip down there, I’ll let you know!

    July 22, 2013 at 11:57 am

  2. Ann

    Oh, and I LOVE getting postcards from you!!!!

    July 22, 2013 at 11:58 am