Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Passage to Darwin

Finally the ocean has become somewhat organized and despite yesterday’s slow speed we still pulled off another 150 nautical mile day. We had heavy winds at night 20 to 25 knots keeping us at 7 plus knots sailing all night. The weather has been great thus far and I am looking forward to sailing into the Torres Strait. Right now there is about 30 knots of wind in the Torres area but hopefully that will slow down a bit for us. Anyway we only have been seeing birds and flying fish to keep us company to date. I was told on the morning SSB Radio net that there was some marine traffic close to Papua New Guinea area but that’s a few days away. We may try and fish tomorrow but for now we are trying to eat up all our frozen beef so I can shut off the power hungry fridge. Cary and Dale say hi to everybody out there, still having lots of fun.



Current Position: UTC03:40: 14deg 06.3min South, 158deg 55.32min East, COG 278deg M, SOG 6.8kts, WS 18kts, WD East, Sea 1 meter Swell, Air Temp 85F, Water Temp 88deg, Cloudy Sky

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