Sailing Around The World

Day 5 Passage to Darwin

What an exciting day today to start off I hit my head on the wall trim as I was trying to sleep. I flipped over and the boat move before I could lay my head down on the pillow and cracked my head off the trim edge. Then the sea grew and the wind blew. The wave got as high as 3 meters and the wind was gusting up to 30 knots. We sailed off course for 10 miles to make the sailing condition a bit more relaxing. When turning back to course the headsail sheet got stuck on the forward bow cleat. Then because it was stuck the sail wrapped itself into the roller furling and became jammed. I ran forward and had to pull all this shit apart well we pitch poled all over the place. Now as I am writing its dark out and there is something banging around on deck. No idea what it could be. For dinner I made beans and rice witch is interesting because the pressure cooker is a bit big for my stove so when the boat pitches the pot get wedge between the boat hull and the burner. Anyway making food for the last 5 days has been a athletics event or in Cary’s explanation “its like being a human pin ball inside the game” I agree and have the burns, bruises, and cuts to show. My favorite part of cooking is dodging the knife left on the table as it flies across the floor or off the counter to your feet or is it the pot of boiling water?

Smiling BIG!


Current Position: UTC05:28, 13deg 36.2min South, 155deg 55.6min East, COG 291degM, SOG 7.5kts, Sea state 2 meter sweels, Air 90deg F, Cloudy Skies

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