Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Passage to Darwin AUS

We had a bit of a scare today when Cary was on shift. My dad and I were down below reading our books when a loud bang, thud, bang, bang, boom was heard under the hull of Dragonsbane. I jumped out of my bunk and went top side to see a large log float away from our starboard side. My dad and I went below to look for any signs of sea water or cracks in the hull. We found nothing and I went top side and looked down the hull and saw nothing. The incident did allow us to discover that our main bilge pump float switch is faulted and the bilge was full of sea water. I turn on the manual switch and the bilge emptied out the water. We now keep an eye on our bilge and run the bilge pump every few hours to make sure its clear. Looks like something else to fix when we get to Darwin.

This evening as we ate our dinner in the cockpit together a bird tried many time to land on our radar tower but came more close to the spinning wind generator. I turned the wind generator off a few times because I was worried he would hit the thing and blow it up sending bird guts everywhere. After many tries the bird finally flew away or at least I think it did.
We have 1500 nautical miles to go and the sea is not making one mile easy on us to date. We still are rolling, pitch poling, getting sprayed by waves, and now the closer we get to the Torres debris in the water is becoming very common. I saw a nice looking flip flop floating, coconuts, and two more logs. Looking ahead at the Indian Ocean I am thinking it will be much long then I have in mind.

Just Smile and Keep ON.


Current Position: 12deg 50.1min South, 153deg 19.6min East, COG 289M, SOG 6kts, Swell 3 meters, WS 30kts, Cloudy Skies, Air Temp HOT

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