Sailing Around The World

Day 7 Passage to Darwin AUS

Not to much to talk about today other then making 150 nautical mile days will put us in Darwin in 9 more days. We 1326 nautical miles to go and the ocean is still lumpy and bumpy as we rock are way across the Coral Sea. Last night around 3am we crossed paths with two cargo ship heading Australia. We were hailed from the first ship then sail behind it and then we hailed the second ship and sail in front of it. It was kind of cool to thread the needle we out here in the middle of the ocean.

On a cooking note I baked a loaf of bread and made pizza for dinner. I have not tried ether so who knows if its going to taste good. It also seems that my computer is starting to do all kinds of odd things so I hope its not going to crash on me, knock on wood. The ocean loves to eat electronics even if you keep them dry the salt in the air just eats them. The salt air also eats your cloths as I am finding out in the last few month. Most of my cloth are so bleached by sun and salt I can see through them. I know when I get home I think I will burn all my sailing cloths or maybe they will just desegregate into thin air.

Current Position: UTC05:49 12deg 12.1min South, 150deg 49.9 min East,COG 276degM, SOG 6.5kts, Swell 2 meters, Cloudy with chance of Squalls, Air temp DAM HOT!



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