Sailing Around The World

Day 8 Passage to Darwin Aus

The wind has eased up for us and is now down to 15 knots or less and the swells are 1 meter or less. We still have the problem of pitch poling back and fourth which is so frustrating when cooking or moving about the boat. Tried fishing today but only had a small bit with no fish to show for it. We also ran the water maker and made some fresh water. Sense we made more fresh water we all took a long salt water bath and then washed down with fresh water. Finished another book called the Unbroken and it was a great read. Anyway all is well onboard. 1,212 nautical miles to go!

smile, SMILE!



Current Position: UTC 04:48, 11deg 35.8min South 148deg 37.9min East, SOG 5kts, COG 280degM, WS 15kts, Swell>1meter, Cloudy sky with a few squalls around us, Air Temp 95degF, Water Temp 92.1deg F

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