Sailing Around The World

Day 9 Hit a Whale OOOpss

Late in the morning day Cary was on watch and we were sitting in the cockpit looking out over the ocean. Dragonsbane as normal was rolling back and forth in the ocean swell when something odd happened. I realized that Cary is one attractive guy, he hits fucken everything logs, cocnuts, WHALES! We both heard a loud thud and the front of Dragonsbane shift as if it was hit by a large wave witch we thought had happened. But I was thinking that it was a very odd sound to make and then we saw a whale. I jumped up looked off our port stern and saw what looked like a Sperm Whale blow air out. Then right behind us was a huge bloom of brown, black, and yellow matter that looked like the whale crapped his own pants. Then I saw the whale go down again and disappear. I quickly went below to do a inspection of the forward bow area to see if there had been any damage or water coming through. My dad had been laying in the front bow bunk and said that was a really loud wave. I said we hit a WHALE,MAN! He then checked the hull too but we found nothing. Based on the depth of the whale and impact I believe that it glanced off our port bow right below the water line and doing so crapped his pants in shock of hitting something in the middle of the ocean. I think we shocked the whale just as much as we were and he looked to be in good condition just a bit shocked. Besides hitting a whale all is well onboard and we are 50 nautical miles from starting our entrance into the Torres Straight. We will be entering the hole in the wall of the great barrier reef around 2am or 3am and then the fun begins. We will be on the look out for reefs, rocks, ships, whales, and logs for the next 1000 nautical miles. I am kind of excited to just see spits of land here and there as the only closest thing to land we have seen in the last 9 days is a cargo ship.

What a Smile!



Current Position: 06:03UTC, 10deg 50.9min South, 146deg 13.3min East, COG 280degM, SOG 7.1kts. Swell 1-2meters, Air Temp 95deg F, Water temp 92degF, Cloudy Skies, One Whale

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