Sailing Around The World

Passage to Christmas Island Day 6

Well we had a great meal cooked by Jade last night. She cooked up fish cakes and they were great. As for the rest of the crew we got caught up in a little nervous boat shadowing. At roughly 16:30 a junk fishing boat approached us from our beam and then turned to our course and shadowed us for about a hour before turning off. Made me a bit jumpy seeing this type of boat following us in such a close range for so long. But after I could finally see the starboard side of the ship it was clear they were dragging fish nets and I am guessing they were trying to maneuver around us. Anyway all is well and looking forward to another fun day of sailing.

Current Position: 11deg 58.7min South, 121deg 18.3min East, UTC 17:58, COG 260, SOG 6kts, Swell 1 meter, Sunny clear skies.



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  1. Kathie

    Love reading your day’s adventures. Safe “seas” to all of you.

    August 30, 2014 at 1:13 am