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Passage to Christmas Island Day 7

We continue to sail averaging 150 nautical miles in 24 hours. The crew seems to be adjusting well to the passage and everybody is beginning to find there roles and learning more about trimming the sails on Dragonsbane. Shifts are 3 hours and leaves lots of time for reading, day dreaming, and of course fixing stuff. The ocean still gives us surprises but mostly shooting stars at night and ships during the day continue to pass us close but it must just be the area of the ocean.

We are about half way to Christmas Island this morning and have about 745 nautical miles remaining. I am not so sure about the anchorage we will have to be in because there is no real protection from swell or wind from the north to west. Hopefully the wind continues to come from the east south east so we can have a few days rest before moving on. More things to weigh on my mind as we get closer to Christmas Island.

Current position: 21:29UTC, 11deg 46.7min South, 118deg 27.7 East, COG 285deg-M, SOG 6.6kts, WS 12kts, WD 90deg, Swell 1 meter, Clear Skies



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  1. Anne Movalson

    Glad you give your coordinates as we have a big old atlas with the oceans and the latitude and longitude lines. I can see exactly where you are. Hope the sailing continues to go well. I can still remember the Gladstone harbor coordinates. 48.?? N and82.12 W.

    August 31, 2014 at 5:13 am