Sailing Around The World

Day 8 Passage to Christmas Island

What an exciting night we had last night. Starting at 01:30am the wind picked up to 18plus kts and we had to get the spinnaker down. We had been running down wind with the spinnaker for almost 15 hours averaging 7 knots in 8 to 12 knots of wind. When the wind picked up as a cloudy front rolled in over head the wind conditions were border line for our current sail pattern. As Ben eased out the pole sheet on the windward side Dragonsbane naturally turned up in the 18kts of wind and caused her to lay down into the ocean. Quickly instructed to turn the helm down wind and pop the leeward sheet all the way off the primary winch, Dragonsbane popped right back up. The spinnaker now flogged out in front of us. Ben snapped on and ran forward to pull the spinnaker sock down and did so. Nothing like a good dose of excitement early in the morning. After switching to a poled jib sail and no main we all settled in for the night. My shift began with company from Sarah as we had the joy of weaving the needle through a maze of 4 ships deadhead in a obvious shipping lane. Its not always fun playing chicken with such large ships but we managed and only came within 0.3 nautical miles to one of the four ships. The rest were easily passed by 1 nautical mile and you had to struggle to see the night watch crews “just kidding”.

Current Position: 21:31utc, 11deg 31.8min South, 115deg 55.4min East, COG 283deg-M, SOG 6.2kts, Swell 1 meter, Cloudy Skies,



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