Sailing Around The World

Day 14 Passage to BVI “Ship”

At 00:02 hours we made contact with a west bound ship traveling at 15kts that was overtaking us. I was awaken by Cary to point this fact out to me. I haled the ship VHF 16 indicated on our AIS as “AURORA BULKER” listed as a cargo ship, destination SOuth America. I did make contact via VHF but the night watch could not speak English. We were on a collision course and by this time I could see the bridge windows and noticed that the bridge lights were on, on the inside of the viewing deck for night watch. Its a well known fact that you cant see out a window at night when you have your bright lights on inside. So sense the ship would not deviate its course I decided to drop sail and turn the motor on and run in a perpendicular direction. I based this decision on the fact that both the white, red, and and now the green running lights were both coming into view meaning that the ship was coming right at us. No sooner did I do this when the ship passed right off our stern by 5 boat length or so. I used the Chart plotter to find our distance. I can not believe in the middle of the south Atlantic ocean we almost got run over by a commercial ship because they did not give a rip about what was around them. Sometimes I hate stupid people. But all is well on board.

Current Position: 19:25utc, 14deg 31.2min S, 11deg 3.3min W, SOG 7.6kts, COG 343deg-M, WS 12kts



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  1. J

    So glad you are safe, hang in there, not much longer to the Caribbean.

    December 16, 2014 at 7:13 pm