Sailing Around The World

Day 15 “Sailing On the Salty Razor”

Its been two years of liven on the edge of a dream, reality, and the dark salty sea. Instead of a slug crawling across a razor I am on Dragonsbane rocking and rolling along its salty sharpened edge. For months on end I have sailed through squalls, and storms that foam with roaring shrill . Whistle winds that sound more like a freight train then butterfly wings. Blood filled with adrenaline for days till my stomach aches. Sailing on this tight rope, holding together and repairing my Dragonsbane I only hope to make to the next port.

I have Thirty Five Thousand nautical miles to go! I dream of fare winds, star nights, and sunny days to put my mind at ease. But as I write the clouds are dark, my jib sheets groan, my heart quickens, and the sea roars. For tonight I go into the dark night that shrouds my sight. With only hope to see me through to the sight of day I go with fear and fright to accompany my night.

After hours of icy dark night a light is cast through the shadows. The sun rises and shows the sight of angry sea around me. I am not afraid anymore, for I made it through another night on the salty razor. God give me strength and courage for next 35 nights as I live the dream!

Thank you,

Jacques S.

Current Position: 19:05utc, 13deg 06.8min S, 13deg 13.4min W, SOG 6.7kts, COG 329deg-M, WS 15kts, Swell <2m, 1015MB, ALL IS WELL On BOARD!

One response

  1. John Frendreis

    You have support from people you may not even know, your dream and adventure is alive with many people .

    December 16, 2014 at 6:01 pm